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    What You Need To Know 

    * We offer Custom Tattoos and Piercing.
    * You must be 18 years of age to receive any Tattoo or Piercing. 
    ​ -If you are a Minor and wish to be Pierced: Parent must be present with proper ID, documentation stating consent, and Birth certificate of the minor.
    *  Geneva’s only place for the Highest quality body jewelry with a guarantee.
    * We only offer the highest grade Jewelry for your piercings.  All Piercing are performed with the most bio compatible jewelry around for healing  (ASTM F-136 certified implant grade Titanium).  All Jewels are Guaranteed not to fall out or we will replace it for free.
    * We use all new needles and single use equipment on every single one of our procedures and open them in front of you.
    * Hospital grade sterilization.






    General Pricing and Aftercare

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